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Special Issues


Fishing Vessel Safety

F/V Stability Modification Advisory: Cautioning the fishing vessel community of hazards of retro-fitted towing apparatus.


Cyber Security

Cyber Security: Highlights the needs to protect against cyber attacks through inclusion of security plans.


Sarah Long Bridge Renewal

Details regarding the Sarah Long Bridge renewal please click here.


Heavy Weather Preparation


Heavy Weather Port Conditions


Mariner Radio Activated Sound Signals (MRASS)

Information Sheet

List of Lights: Upadated list of Maine lighthouses, their signals, and physical descriptions.


Seacoast WAMS

The U.S. Coast Guard is conducting a Waterways Analysis and Management System Study on the Atlantic and Gulf Seacoast Systems. The study focuses on the existing offshore and near shore aids to navigation system, waterborne commerce, marine casualty information, and future development projects. The purpose of this study is to determine the navigational requirements of vessels operating in the offshore and near shore environment. Individual operators and interested maritime industry representatives are requested to provide comment and feedback using the Seacoast WAMs User Feedback Form link below or using the attachment.  Comments must be received by March 15, 2016.


The Seacoast WAMs User Feedback Form can be found online at; Seacoast WAMS.


Also comments and feedback using the attached survey can be emailed to: with Atlantic Seacoast Systems WAMS as the subject line or mailed or faxed to: tel: 1-617-223-8291


Icing Conditions

In an effort to improve freezing spray forecasts, NOAA is collaborating with Environment Canada to evaluate each country’s freezing spray forecast models and tools.  Analysis of freezing spray cases, forecaster feedback, and ship observations will allow Environment Canada and NOAA scientists and forecasters to better predict dangerous freezing spray conditions to protect life and property at sea.  NOAA requests that you help in their study by reporting icing conditions using the following web-based link:

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