Maine Port Authority Announces Relocation of Mobile Harbor Crane to Eastport

PORTLAND, ME – The Maine Port Authority (MPA) is pleased to announce that, Friday, July 22, an LHM 320 crane is being loaded onto a barge at the International Marine Terminal (IMT) to travel to Eastport to provide the Eastport Port Authority with its first mobile harbor crane. “The growth of the International Marine Terminal has been accelerated by a strong partnership with Icelandic steamship line Eimskip,” said Matthew Burns, Executive Director of the Maine Port Authority. “The State of Maine has committed to invest in new infrastructure and equipment to support Maine business using Eimskip’s container shipping services. The MPA has three mobile harbor cranes at the IMT, the LHM 320 and two new cranes which were recently purchased. We decided the best use of the LHM 320 was to permanently station it in Eastport for use in cargo operations. Now, we will have mobile harbor cranes located at all three of Maine’s deep-water cargo ports, Portland, Searsport, and Eastport.” The LHM 320 was positioned in Portland at the International Marine Terminal by MaineDOT in 2000 to support container-on-barge services and feeder container shipping services that were then calling at the IMT. In 2009, the Maine Port Authority leased the International Marine Terminal from the City of Portland. In 2010, MaineDOT and the MPA committed state and federal funds to invest in the vision of expanding the IMT to container freight use and expand into what was once the Scotia Prince Ferry terminal. The mobile harbor crane made possible a more efficient interface with container freight operations. The crane opened the door for Maine’s largest port to receive containerized freight shipments, which have grown steadily with Eimskip over the last 10 years. “The IMT has been a huge success story for Maine’s ports,” said Maine Department of Transportation Commissioner Bruce Van Note. “We now have the opportunity to relocate a very effective piece of equipment to support and help grow the Port of Eastport. It would be three times the cost to purchase and deliver a new crane. Furthermore, we can relocate and commission this crane for service in a fraction of the time it would take to procure an additional one.” “Having a crane at the terminal will open growth opportunities and the ability for new business and shipping lines to consider Eastport,” said Eastport Port Authority Director Chris Gardner. “Eastport is the deepest natural seaport in the United States but requires the right equipment to support shipping operations. Having the mobile harbor crane instead of relying on rental equipment will be a boon for the Port of Eastport, and we are very excited for the crane’s delivery. We truly believe the addition of this crane will play a major role in the revitalization of the port.” LHM 320 is expected to arrive in Eastport on Sunday, July 24th, 2022.

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